Epson Expression ET 2650 printer features

  • Epson’s expression et 2650 printers are intended for the home use, whereas we have many number of printers for business use.
  • These printers are provided with the power cord, ink bottles and the Start Here sheet.
  • These printers can copy, print and scan.
  • It doesn’t have a document feeder, but have a scanner glass. Because of it, no confusion arises while we are inserting documents to print or scan or copy.
  • The bottled ink is filled with the large volume of ink.
  • This ink has incredibly low running costs.
  • We can control copying scanning and printing from the printer’s control panel.
  • This Epson expression et 2650 printers are made with the button system and not the touch screen, so that we are not confused during input.
  • These printers have separate slot for memory card and no port for the USB thumb drive.
  • The printer has the auto-duplexer, by which two-sided printing is possible.
  • These printers can print 100 sheets of plain paper or 20 sheets of photo paper.

Epson Expression ET 2650

Features of bottled ink:

  • Epson expression 2650 printers are provided with the four coloured- cyan, magenta, black and yellow ink bottles and not the ink cartridges.
  • So, these inks are poured safely into the ink tray and can be avoided from drying up.
  • Other Epson printers have the ink bottles which has to be squeezed to pour the ink into the ink tank, so that the ink spills outside and gets wasted.
  • But, these expression ET 2650 printers have the plastic lock that fits into the receptacle.
  • When the bottle is attached to the receptacle, ink flows automatically from the ink bottle without squeezing the bottle.
  • Once all the ink pours into the tank, you can remove and dispose of the bottle.
  • The black ink tank can print up to 7500 pages and the three coloured ink bottles can print up to 6000 pages
  • These ink bottles are costlier than the other ink bottles, but sells more due to its reliability and sustainability.

Epson Expression ET 2650 Unboxing Setup

  • Open the package and take away all the materials such as the user guide, Start Here sheet and the ink bottles provided with the printer.
  • Take the printer covered with the plastic bag out of the box.
  • Take away the printer carefully without damaging the printer by carrying it in both the hands.
  • Place it over the table.
  • Remove the plastic bag.
  • Open the scanner glass, which is located at the top of the printer.
  • In the right corner of the printer, you can find the ink tanks.
  • Just open the ink tank lids.
  • Take the ink bottles in your hands and open the ink bottle caps.
  • The ink bottles are made in such a way to fit with the ink tanks.
  • Now, place the black coloured ink bottle upside down in the ink tank.
  • The ink will automatically flow in to the tank. If not, then take away the ink bottle and reinsert the ink bottle again.
  • After sometime, close the ink bottle and close the ink tank.
  • Do the same with the other three ink bottles.
  • Close the ink tanks and close the scanner glass too.
  • Connect the power cord with the Epson expression et 2650 printer.

Epson ET 2650 – Unboxing Setup Video