Epson artisan 1430 setup

  • Unbox your epson artisan 1430 printer.
  • Inside the box, you will find the six coloured ink cartridges( cyan, magenta, black, yellow, light cyan and light magenta), photo papers, CD printer tray, adobe Photoshop installation CD, installation CD, start here sheet,  and your epson artisan 1430 printer.
  • Take away all the materials provided with the epson artisan 1430 printer.
  • Take the six coloured ink cartridges.
  • Remove the plastic bags in the ink cartridges.
  • Open the scanner lid.
  • On the right end, you could find the cartridge area. Remove the tapes and insert all the six ink cartridges in the space allotted, according to the colours specified.
  • Connect the power cord to the epson artisan 1430 printer and to an electrical outlet.
  • Switch on the printer using the power button in the epson artisan 1430 printer.
  • The printer will take sometime to install the cartridges.
  • At once installation is completed, you can start printing.
  • Now, close the scanner lid.

Epson Artisan 1430

  • This epson artisan 1430 printer has no separate input tray. Rather it has the paper support at the back top of the printer, which can be extended to the size required.
  • Insert 100 plain sheets of paper or 80 sheets of epson BRIGHT paper in the paper support extender and extend the paper support according to the size of the paper.
  • Your epson artisan 1430 printer is physically setup to print.