Epson workforce pro WF-r5691 Description

  • Epson workforce pro is specially made for the home and small business purposes.
  • This printer is compact and designed perfectly to give prints which are better than laser quality prints.
  • This printer gives you 30 percent low cost printing than the laser prints.
  • The paper tray in this epson workforce pro WF r5691 printer can hold 250 sheets of paper.
  • The automatic document feeder can hold up to 35 pages.
  • The epson workforce pro WF r5691 printer has auto-duplexing capacity.
  • This printer can print, copy, fax and scan.

Epson Workforce Pro WF-r5691

  • You have 7” colour touch screen, with which you can have the full control over the printer.
  • This epson workforce pro WF-r5691 printer is designed with the Revolutionary PrecisonCore technology and so you will get laser-sharp, fast prints.

Epson workforce pro WF-r5691 printer first time setup

  • Unbox your epson workforce pro WF-r5691 printer.
  • Remove the blue coloured tapes and plastic covers placed over the printer.
  • Lift the scanner upwards and remove the packing materials.
  • Remove the packing materials from the interior parts of the printer.
  • Then, connect the power cord to the epson workforce pro WF-r5691 and an electrical outlet.
  • Switch on the epson workforce pro WF r5691 printer using the power button in the printer’s control panel.
  • Open the scanner.
  • Uncover the cartridges and remove the yellow tape from the cartridges.
  • Insert the cartridges in the cartridge holder according to the colours specified( black, cyan, magenta and yellow).
  • Before inserting it in the cartridge holder, make sure that the packing materials are removed from the cartridge holder.
  • Close the scanner.

Epson workforce pro WF r5691 printer wireless network setup

Epson workforce pro WF-r5691 print using Google cloud print

  • Connect your Epson workforce pro WF-r5691 printer to your wireless network.
  • Note your product’s IP address by checking your network status.
  • Connect your computer or your Apple or Android device to the same wireless network as your Epson workforce pro WF_r5691 printer.
  • Enter your product’s IP address into the address bar of a web browser of your computer.
  • Select the Google Cloud Print Services
  • Click Register.
  • Select the checkbox to agree to the Usage Advisory and click Next.
  • Click OK to launch the sign-in page.
  • A separate browser window opens.
  • Enter your Google Account username and password and click Sign in, or, if you don’t have an account, click Sign up for a new Google Account and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Click Finish printer registration to complete setup and print a test page.
  • If test print prints successfully, then your printer is ready with the google cloud print.

Epson workforce pro WF-r5691 printer auto duplexing settings

  • Connect your computer to the wireless network connection.
  • Connect your epson workforce pro WF r5691 printer to the same wireless network.
  • Then, in your computer follow the steps below to setup auto duplexing in your epson workforce pro WF r5691 printer.
  • Select the automatic or manual two- sided printing options you want to use.
  • Click the Settings
  • Select the double-sided printing options you want to use.
  • Click OK to return to the Main tab.
  • Click the Print Density button.
  • Select the type of document you are printing as the Document Type setting. The software automatically sets the Adjustments options for that document type.
  • If necessary, select the Adjustments options you want to use.
  • Click OK to return to the Main tab.
  • Print a test copy of your double-sided document to test the selected settings.
  • Follow any instructions displayed on the screen during printing

Epson workforce pro WF r5691 printer print using windows

    • Select the photo or document you want to print.
    • Select the print command from your application you are using to store the document or photo.
    • Select epson workforce pro WF-r5691 printer from the printer list.
    • Select the source, quality, type, size, border and orientation settings to your document in your windows.
    • Otherwise, Click the advanced tab.
    • The Advanced Print Settings window will open.
    • Do all the settings in the advanced print settings.
    • Once you have selected your print settings, you are ready to save your settings and print.
    • Click OK to save your settings.

Epson Workforce Pro WF 3720

  • You see your application’s Print window as shown below.
  • Click OK or Print to start printing.