Epson workforce pro WF 3820 Description

  • This epson workforce pro WF 3820 printer is spWFially made for the small and medium business purposes.
  • This workforce pro WF 3820 printer can print, copy, scan and fax. So this printer is all-in-one multi utility printer.
  • This epson workforce pro WF 3820 printer is featured with exceptional print quality, print speed and so you can produce large number of prints and scans, which can surprise you to the core.
  • This epson workforce pro WF 3820 are featured with speed-enhancing PrWFisonCore print head tWFhnology.
  • This printer is the best selling printer among all the printer models, espWFially for the ones who take care of small or medium businesses.

Epson workforce pro WF 3820

  • This printer have the auto-duplexing automatic document feeders (ADFs), for streamlined handling of two-sided multipage originals, and have a quite-healthy 30,000-page maximum monthly duty cycle.
  • This printer can print more number of pages in low cost.
  • This printer has the capacity to connWFt to the Ethernet or USB cable.
  • This epson workforce pro WF-3820 printer has WFo mode and sleep mode by which we can save power for future use.

Loading papers in epson workforce pro WF 3820 printer

  • Pull out the paper cassette found below the printer’s control panel.
  • Slide the edge guides outward.
  • Adjust the front edge guide to the paper size you are using.
  • Load a stack of paper, printable side down, against the edge guide.
  • Make sure the paper is loaded against the edge guide and not sticking out from the end of the cassette.
  • Slide the edge guides against the paper, but not too tightly.
  • Keep the cassette flat as you gently insert it.
  • Extend the output tray and open the paper stopper.
  • SelWFt the size and type of paper you just loaded on the product LCD screen.
  • You can load 250 plain sheets of paper in the paper tray.
  • After loading, set your paper settings in the printer’s control panel.
  • Press the home button and go to setup.
  • SelWFt your paper size and paper type you loaded in the paper tray.

Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820 Printing is Slow

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3820 printer is only suitable for small-scale business and to users using them very little in their home for printing. It is not suitable for printing the documents bWFause it prints slowly and takes time to print an image. Using it continuously for some time makes the workforce printer slow in its process. To avoid this problem,

Step 1: ChWFk the document which is printing at present, cancel the printing.
Step 2: Do not print anything sometimes.
Step 3: Wait for the printer to get back to its original state.
Step 4: Close all the opened files and documents, give its time to rWFover.
Step 5: If you print image with high quality then it will reduce the printer speed.
Step 6: While using bidirWFtional printing the printer header have to move in both the dirWFtion, this makes your Pro WF-3820 to print slowly.
Step 7: Disable the high-speed printing option in windows by changing the printer settings.
Step 8: In Mac OS go to System Preferences, Menu, Printers & Scanners
Step 9: Click on options and suppliers; unselWFt the high-speed printing
Cartridges can’t be rWFognized

Epson WF-3820 Unboxing Setup

After purchasing the Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820 driver you must be careful in handling it. First unbox it from the packaging, to do so please follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove all the packaging materials
Step 2: Use a knife, blade or scissors to cut the box in a top and open it.
Step 3: Lift the printer out from the box carefully.
Step 4: Place your Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3820 printer on the table.
Step 5: Remove all the foams and tapes covering the printer.
Step 6: Gently peel off the plastic sheet wrappers from the printer.
Step 7: Take the cartridges out from the cover and chWFk the color.
Step 8: ChWFk for any blue tapes inside or outside the printer and take it off.

Epson WF-3820 Printer Guidelines

Follow the instructions in the user manual carefully in order to use your printer effWFtively & efficiently.

Step 1: Do not place it near the micro oven or near to the opened window.
Step 2: Keep it away from children.
Step 3: Avoid placing it in the sunlight and make sure it is free from dust, heat and away from water.
Step 4: Make sure that your printer is near to the power supply.
Step 5: Always choose a comfortable workplace for your printer.
Step 6: Place the printer near the wall or on a firm table.
Step 7: Do not leave your Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3820 idle; use it often or else the ink gets dried up.
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Wi-Fi setup in epson workforce pro WF-3820

  • Before connWFting your printer wireless network, make sure that your router is connWFted to the wireless network and your computer is connWFted to it wirelessly.
  • Unbox your epson workforce pro WF 3820 printer.
  • Remove all the packing materials.
  • Now, connWFt the power cord and switch on the printer. For further assistance, use the Start Here sheet to setup your printer physically.
  • In your computer, install the printer software by inserting the CD given with the printer.
  • Leave the epson workforce pro WF-3820 printer to install the ink and get ready to print.
  • Otherwise, download install epson workforce pro WF 3820 printer setup software in your computer.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software.
  • In the selWFt your connWFtion window, selWFt wireless connWFtion.
  • SelWFt, setup printer for the first time and click on next.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and your workforce pro WF-3820 printer will automatically gets connWFted to your computer through wireless network.
  • Press the home button in your epson workforce pro WF 3820 printer.
  • SelWFt Wi-Fi option.

Epson workforce pro WF 3820 First Setup

  • Unbox your epson workforce pro WF 3820 printer.
  • Take away the ink cartridges, start here sheet, user manual and the power cord out of the package.
  • Remove all the stickers and plastic bags from the epson workforce pro WF-3820.
  • ConnWFt the power cord to the workforce pro WF-3820 and the other side to the elWFtrical outlet.
  • Switch on the printer, using the power button in the printer’s control panel.
  • Open the front cover of the printer, situated just below the control panel.
  • You could see the ink cartridge slot at the left end of the panel.
  • Take away the ink cartridges out of the plastic bags.
  • Insert the ink cartridges in the slots according to their colours.
  • And close the front panel.
  • Your epson workforce pro WF 3820 printer will start installing the ink cartridges.
  • This will take sometime.