Epson Express Ex 440 Troubleshooting

As per the USB cable the Rectangle one will go to the computer and the square one to the printer.

Resolving Connection problem with the USB cable

  • Switch the USB port from your computer to an another one.
  • Unplug the power chord of the printer and wait for 30 seconds and plug it back again.
  • Change the USB cable.
  • Check your computer control panel and make sure that the Epson EX440 printer is reflecting.

These are the procedure to resolve the connection issues in USB cable.

Paper Jam Error:

  • When it comes under a paper jam take out all the papers and exit the jammed paper out of your Epson Ex 440 printer.
  • Tap the paper on a flat surface and make sure everything is in equal position and place it back to your printer.
  • If any of the paper is cursed or not in a good codition for printing you can take that out and start printing again.

These are the procedure to resolve a paper jam Error.