Epson Express Ex 440 Cloud Print Setup

It became simple to access your printer with a google account using cloud print Apple or android devices without using any drivers or cables.

  • Activate your Express Ex440 to your wireless network.
  • You can get your IP address by using CMD in your windows computer or print the network configuration page from your printer to note down the printer IP appdress.
  • Make sure that the Apple or Android devices is connected with the same wireless network which is your printer is connected with.
  • Open a new browser and apply the IP address in the taskbar and click Enter on your Keyboard.
  • One of the Option will be Google cloud print and that’s the option you need to click on to activate the Cloud print.
  • If the Cloud print option is not reflecting there unplug the printer power cord and wait for at least 30 seconds and plug it back and start the procedure from the begging so it will reflect there now press the Option REGISTER.
  • Now accept the Terms and conditions and click next and Okay to launch the Sign in page for the google account.
  • Enter your google account User name and password to complete the registration of cloud print from your Express Ex440.
  • If you don’t have a google account you can click the option sign up for google account which will be reflecting there.
  • Now activate a google account so your now click complete registration click Test print from Cloud Print facility.