Scanning using the Epson artisan 710 Scan

Epson artisan 710 is made for the home use. It is compact and easy to carry anywhere. This artisan-710 has many special features which makes the users to buy it and to recommend it for their circumstances. The special features are as follows:

  • Epson artisan-710 costs very low when compared to the other printers.
  • Epson artisan 710 has a separate built-in memory card slot, with which you can print or scan documents or photos without using PC.
  • This epson artisan-710 printers can hold 100 sheets of paper, so that you can reload papers rarely.
  • These epson artisan 710 printer are wireless.

EPson Artisan 710

  • You can print, scan or copy from anywhere with or without a network even from your iPad or iPhone or android or tablet.
  • Instant dry inks in this epson artisan-710 will give you perfect Fadeless and water resistant prints and photos.
  • You have individual inks to replace only the coloured ink you want to change.

Loading papers in Epson artisan 710

  • Unbox your Epson artisan 710 printer.
  • Remove all the packing materials from the printer.
  • Before connecting your epson artisan-330 to an electrical power supply, check whether all the packing materials from the printer are cleared away.
  • Open the scanner glass.
  • Then install the ink cartridges according to their colours and connect the printer to the electrical power supply.
  • Switch on your epson artisan-710 using your printer buttons.
  • After the installation of ink cartridges are successful, close the scanner lid.
  • Now, open your epson artisan 710 printer’s input tray.
  • You can open your input tray by pulling your input tray, at the back side of the printer upside.
  • Pull up the paper support and its extension.
  • Pull out the output tray and open the paper stopper on the end.
  • Slide the edge guide left.
  • If you are inserting a stack of paper, fan the sheets first and tap the stack on a flat surface to even the edges.
  • Insert paper, glossy or printable side up and short edge first, against the right side and beneath the line on the left edge guide.
  • Slide the edge guide against the paper, but not too tightly.
  • Flip the feeder guard back.
  • Do one of the following to select the size and type of paper you just loaded on the product LCD screen:
    1. To use the existing settings, press the OK button.
    2. To change the settings, press the up or down arrow button to select Change and press the OK button. Select the paper size and press the OK button, then select the paper type, press the OK button, and press the OK button again to confirm the settings.

Epson Artisan 710 Wireless Setup

  • Before connecting your printer wireless network, make sure that your router is connected to the wireless network and your computer is connected to it wirelessly.
  • Unbox your epson artisan-710 printer.
  • Remove all the packing materials.
  • Open the scanner glass and remove the packing materials left.
  • Remove the yellow tapes from the cartridges and insert the cartridges in the cartridge box according to the colours.
  • Close the scanner glass.
  • Now, connect the power cord and switch on the printer. For further assistance, use the Start Here sheet to setup your printer physically.

Epson Wireless Connection

  • Leave the epson artisan 710 printer to install the ink and get ready to print.
  • In your computer, install the printer software by inserting the CD given with the printer.
  • Otherwise, download install epson artisan710 setup software in your computer.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install the software.
  • In the select your connection window, select wireless connection.
  • Select, setup printer for the first time and click on next.
  • Click on Wi-Fi auto connect and click on next.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and your artisan 710 printer will automatically gets connected to your computer through wireless network.
  • If not, then select the wireless network setup method as using printer buttons.
  • To fill in your SSID and the network password, click on show network password in your computer which is already connected to the network.
  • Then press the home button.
  • Go to Wi-Fi setup and click OK by using printer buttons.
  • In the Wi-Fi setup wizard, select your SSID by using your printer’s arrow buttons.
  • To give your password use the printer buttons  and click on OK.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to connect your epson artisan-710 printer to the wireless network.

Epson Artisan 710 First Setup

  • Unbox the epson artisan-710 printer.
  • Take out all the supplements such as the start here sheet, ink cartridges and the user guide.
  • Remove all the packing materials from the printer.
  • Remove the plastic bag over the printer.
  • Open the scanner glass and take away the plastic bag.
  • Open the input tray at the back side of the epson artisan-710 and remove the packing materials.
  • To open the input tray, just pull the input tray towards upside.
  • Now, open the output tray below the printer’s control panel.
  • Remove any packing materials left in the epson artisan-710 printer.
  • Now, take away the ink cartridges from the plastic bag and remove the sticker from the ink cartridges.
  • Insert the ink cartridges in the cartridge installer and close the scanner lid.
  • Connect the power cord with the epson artisan-710 printer and the electrical outlet.
  • Switch on the printer by switching on the power button in the artisan-710 printer.
  • The printer will take sometime for ink cartridges installation.
  • If you have inserted the ink cartridges properly, the printer will automatically gets started.
  • If not, then the printer’s control panel shows the error message.
  • To get rid of it, uninstall the cartridges again and reinstall the cartridges.
  • Now, restart the printer. Your epson artisan-710 printer is physically setup.
  • To be more clear, use the Start Here Sheet to setup your artisan-710 printer physically.